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Rolls Royce Wraith (RR5 Project) Trim Panel Front


Working closely with our moulding partner (Showpla Plastics Ltd) EPS Tooling was asked to provide tooling for the prestigious brand of Rolls Royce for their new Wraith codenamed RR5. EPS had the tooling for the trim panel set of tools. The Project had a tight time scale for product introduction and to assist in the speedy conclusion the decision was taken to do as much of the PPAP (Parts Appraisal Production Process) in China as possible and thereby reducing time scales to do this work in the UK.  The project commenced with EPS providing detailed DFM (Design for Mould) reviews on every part followed up with Cooling and Warpage mould Flow Analysis. 


After fine tuning of the design and tooling to allow for compensation during trials the tooling manufacture was approved and commissioned.

To assist and reduce the final approval process EPS designed and manufactured multifunctional checking jig and fixture units that are used throughout the PPAP process for approval, validation and capability for the CAD, tooling, and components. 

From past  “lessons learnt” the units were designed for use in the UK using common components and construction methods. The units were each individually designed for ease of use, transport and storage and where possible, reversible to enable measurement and access to both sides of the components. In certain cases, the units were assembled to enable car line verification for ease of use storage and size. 

The jigs & fixtures were also designed with production in mind, for use with quick continual part verification by unskilled labour. The aim was to make the whole moulding manufacture process and approval as portable as possible.

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