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  • Q. Why would a manufacturer use EPS services rather than insourcing?
    A. There are lots of advantages of outsourcing to EPS, including: Benefitting from our local project managers in China who coordinate project activities, ensuring everything happens on time, and that the service and products are the right quality. You won’t have to spend time and money going to Asia to supervise production and can avoid the challenges of handling services from the UK. Outsourcing to us allows you to focus on what you do best.
  • Q. What value does EPS bring to a project?
    A. EPS have a unique value proposition for clients: Knowledge and expertise: we have over 40 years’ industry experience with more than 20 spent working in Asia. Track record: we’ve worked with leading brands around the world for many years. Reduce project risks: we’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls in design, manufacturing and overseas production. Strategic partnerships: we’ve developed strong relationships with suppliers and only work with the best. Part of your team: we’ll integrate seamlessly into your team, support the skills you have and provide the expertise you don’t. Communication: we’ll arrange all activities, come to you to review them and ensure that every aspect of your project is on schedule. We’ll also communicate any concerns we have promptly and make sure we avoid the problems that can be caused by a lack of communication or miscommunication. Cultural understanding and language skills: we understand the potential cultural and language issues and know how to get things done abroad. We’ll deal with you in English, then communicate clearly with our Chinese suppliers in their native language to make sure everything is understood.
  • Q. How do EPS manage overseas suppliers and manufacturers to ensure quality, cost control and fulfilment of specifications?"
    A. With a presence on the ground. Our project managers in the Far East carry out regular checks and balances through face to face meetings with suppliers to make sure projects meet the right quality, spend and specifications. Our expertise includes: Strong supplier relationships and partnerships, which have often been in place for over a decade. Continuing supplier audits, reviews, checks and balances, and monitoring supplier output. Speaking the local language and working with good English/Chinese translators.
  • Q. What can go wrong when procuring from the Far East?
    A. There are many potential pitfalls when you work with foreign suppliers/manufacturers – which we can help you avoid – such as: Legal and financial risks to your business. Incorrect quality or wrong materials used or not the correct specification. Screening/checks are necessary to make sure a supplier is reputable and authentic, and to check the underlying legal ownership. Customers’ requirements can be misunderstood or incorrect creating manufacturing errors, which are difficult to remedy within time constraints or at the end of a project. Often written communication isn’t enough to ensure full understanding, drawings and sketches may be needed. Email may be interpreted incorrectly or not completely understood and there are cultural differences in communication. For example, a supplier may not come back to you with questions for clarity for fear of sounding stupid.
  • Q. How can EPS help with product design and feasibility?
    A. EPS have a wealth of product design and engineering experience. Our team have worked with leading manufacturers on hundreds of projects from the early phases of new product development and inception right through to our expertise means we can: Develop and design a moulder project for you – cost effective and easy to produce De-risk the design Create the mould design and identify any issues to minimise the time that could need to be added before the project startsUnderstand that not all products can be moulded.
  • Q. Why choose EPS over other suppliers?
    A. We offer a unique combination of services and expertise that benefits our clients. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and our track record of delivering quality outcomes for many leading global brands, many of whom have worked with us for several years.
  • Q. Are there any limits to the size and complexity of projects EPS can deliver?
    A. Generally speaking, no project is too large, too small or too complex. We can handle multiple tooling projects simultaneously and our tooling manufacturing partners can cope with single to multiple tooling programmes concurrently. We can work with tooling sizes from 300kg up to 25 tonnes.
  • Q. Can EPS help with proof of concept and prototyping?
    A. Yes. We can make prototype samples using various methods, including Stereolithography (SLA), or from tooling. Before you invest in expensive tooling, we can develop a physical model so you can see what you’ll be getting in 3D before you commit to the project.
  • Q. What regions do you operate in?
    A. Our customer base is predominately in Europe and we’ve also delivered projects for customers in the US and Mexico (including Shape Corporation). The EPS supplier network covers several locations, including China, Taiwan, Korea and Europe and we have technical support bases in Slovakia and Germany, and mould trial facilities in the UK.
  • Q. How do EPS ensure they deliver quality tools and services to time, on budget and to deadline?"
    A. Everything we do is underpinned and governed by our comprehensive quality assurance management system (ISO 9001-2015), which enables us to maintain consistent quality. We only work with the best suppliers who can maintain our standards and deliver projects on time and on budget. As part of our service, we manufacture checking fixtures for inspection which can be shipped with the tooling to ensure that the product inspection is carried out to the same level of service.
  • Q. Can EPS help with sourcing parts?
    A. Yes. We can source multiple products, make assemblies/packaged products to your specification.
  • Q. Do EPS offer an initial free consultation?
    A. We do. We’d be very happy to discuss your requirements and the services we offer. Please complete the contact form and we’ll give you a call.
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