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From design to testing, sourcing and manufacture, we provide end to end global tooling services. All backed by our one-to-one service and ISO approved suppliers. 

EPS Consultation

Our in-house design team can work with you or your designers to develop a unique solution that meets your exact requirements, whether you need help with a new product or overcoming a design issue. As part of our consultation service, are able to carry out feasibility reports to identify any potential manufacturing issues and make necessary adjustments before starting the 3D mould design process. We’ve designed and developed components for a broad sector of the market from packaging boxes & creates, building products, house & garden appliances to Automotive under the bonnet, interior and exterior parts.


Whether your designers need help with an injection moulded part or engineering tooling solution, we can help. Our thorough design process starts with running feasibility reports to identify any potential design problems, such as sink marks, weld lines, undercuts, insufficient draft etc. also critical is cosmetic finish to agree split lines, polish and texture areas. A number of engineers are involved in the DFM (design for manufacture) process to check the viability of the part and 3D tool design utilizing the latest simulation software where necessary.

EPS Design
EPS - Project Managemet

We can manage every aspect of your project from start to finish – from the initial concept, design and testing, through to finding a supplier, handling the production and shipping the finished product to wherever you are in the world. Our 25-step process ensures that projects run on time, and our teams in Europe and China carry out monitoring visits to make sure everything has been completed accurately before shipping.


EPS Tooling sources assemble and supplies injection mould tools for the automotive, household and garden products, commercial, industrial and leisure sectors. We are able to manufacture and repair tools in the UK, Europe and China and work closely with our partners tooling partners to provide customer and technical support. Every tool we make is a unique piece of equipment, so we guarantee accuracy in our tooling design and manufacture. 

EPS Tooling
Injection Moulding
EPS Injection Moulding

Working with our UK-based tooling partners and service providers in Slovakia and China, we offer a flexible high-quality injection moulding service, including multi-material injection moulding. Our knowledge of specialist processes such as gas injection moulding allows us to make parts that are not commonly thought possible with standard injection moulding.  We can produce complex, multi-cavity, multi-core tools with up to 5-shot material capability. We are able to provide any quantity, from a single prototype to large volumes to exacting standards required by our clients. 


We’ve developed our relationships with suppliers over the last 20 years and work with factories in the UK, Europe, and China, where most of our assembly work is carried out. All of our suppliers are ISO approved, and with a team on the ground in China as well as the UK, we will evaluate the most cost-effective site for your production, then oversee the entire process to ensure the highest standards are met.

EPS Production
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